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Well Here I am! Taking venture into a whole new world of the virtual universe.  I’ve never written a blog before but I’m here jumping in feet first hoping that I don’t bore you all to tears.

So you’re here, you must know that I have something to say that may be worth reading.  Let me first give you a little insight to who I am.

My name is Mel(anie), I am a 32 year old, single mother of an amazing little boy. 116

He is the light of my life and my reasoning for everything I do. Joining Younique is a step in the right direction for me and I intend on explaining that in full for you. Xavier’s father and I were together for 5 years, during that period of time I lost myself as a person and fully dove in as a mother and spouse. That being said, I forgot how beautiful I was while focusing on their needs. When we separated I struggled with depression and seen myself as undesirable as most women do after a break-up.  While working at a “trade-show” presenting with a different Multi Level Marketing Company I met this beautiful young woman who introduced me to Younique Make-up. From there I fell in love with the product as a customer. I went from Drab and Depressed to Diva in 0.5 seconds with my first application. Over the past 3 years I have taught myself so much and learned that with confidence I can conquer the world.  THIS is a lesson I want to teach all women; young single mothers especially. I want to start the journey by making them realize their self worth and seeing just how beautiful they really are.

My journey was not special or any different than most women going through a break up. I had gained a substantial amount of weight after pregnancy and questioned if maybe I could have kept him around if I was prettier, more attractive, fit?!  I threw myself into the gym and lost over 100lbs and started wearing makeup to make myself feel more confident. It worked. I never thought I’d be loved again but here I am! I have an amazing Fiance, Amazing Friends who never stopped loving me and an Amazing family who always have my back.

Here I am – CANDID, EMMOTIONALLY NUDE, and here to show you that confidence is beauty! Welcome to my Blog! I hope you enjoyed and hope you continue to enjoy!


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