We love Racoon Eyes….Right?!


Ever struggle with the after-wash racoon look?

When you start off looking like this……………


Then you do the ol’ splash n rinse with a cream cleanser………………..


……..and you wash your face with a generic facial cleanser but still end up in almost full eye-makeup except its all over your face! This is an ongoing struggle/battle with someone like myself. I wear an overload of dark eye make-up and there’s often times that I’ve washed my face, even used an eye make-up remover only to have my mother “nag” me for not washing my face before bed.

Maybe fear of the tug and pull required to scrub the “water-proof” mascara and copious amounts of eye liner scared me from actually cleaning my face. We all know too much tug and pull on the sensitive skin area around the eyes causes wrinkles. As you can tell I’ve got them! Anyway… totally off topic.

Younique Shine Wipes have totally changed this ordeal.. Leftover mascara, liners and shadows can lead to eye infections and the dreaded puffy eye syndrome in the morning. And Despite your rush to get cozy into bed don’t just swipe it across your lid quickly. Place your Younique Shine Cloth over your lids, hold it for a minute to dissolve the product, then wipe away. Easy – Peasy!



Now lets get down to the Science of the product!

Wipe away the makeup of the day with Shine Eye Makeup Remover Cloths. In fact, take off all your makeup-even waterproof mascara. This wonder pack contains 36 cloths made with sunflower and olive oils, jojoba, vitamin E, and rosemary making Shine more than a makeup remover; it’s a nourishing treat for your skin.

Interested in ordering – – – > Click Here!






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