Do you Love What you do?

I work full time as a Unit Manager for a school cafeteria (AKA Lunchlady). Not the Most Glamorous of Jobs…but it allows me also to be a full time mom. 🙂 That being said when I removed the ugly hairnet, I then need to find my outlet and become the beautiful woman I feel I am on the inside… I need to showcase that like other women do.

Yup, that’s a sexy hair-net, but check those eyes!


Younique is my outlet!

 I love working with this company, I have a great leader above me and couldn’t ask for better! I kind of regret not sticking with it the first time I joined 3 years ago.  Have you been looking for away to use your beauty to help other women feel beautiful? If so what are you waiting for?


With this company all you need is time, patience and the want and need to succeed. The products sell themselves.  When my sons father left me, the most I knew how to do was apply wayyy too much black eyeliner and mascara.


  I refused to wear blush or shadows, and my foundation was far too dark for me. I am the definition of a tom-boy, country girl, get down and muddy, the whole nine. I love everything about the country life.  Big Trucks, Camoflauge clothing, camping, you name it……but now I carry my make-up bag with me 😉



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